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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 2 of Bad Brains @ CBGB (w/ Bouncing Souls)

Last night I went to the second of three Bad Brains shows at CBGB. The last time I saw Bad Brains with HR was in 2000 and they were the Soul Brains. Obviously I was pretty damn excited about this show. Not only because Bad Brains was playing but because this was likely my last show ever at CBGBs. Bad Brains and Bouncing Souls - not a bad way to go out.

I got to CBs pretty early as I expected it would fill up fast. When I arrived there was a line to the end of the block. I waited in line for about 15 minutes before I got inside, which isn't too bad. Once inside I grabbed a Rolling Rock and headed up front. I thought the first band was going to be the Mob but I'm pretty it wasn't -unless the Mob are suddenly from Philly and suck balls. The band that opened was in fact Y Die, who I have never heard of and for good reason.

After sitting through Y Die I grabbed another beer and waited for Bouncing Souls. Honestly I've never been a fan of Bouncing Souls. They were always a little too poppy for my liking but most of my friends love them. Once they started playing I was surprised by how damn good they were. Most of the people in the crowd were dancing to every song and many sing alongs were played. Unfortunately I didn't know any of the songs - but they were good.

Once Bouncing Souls finished up I worked my way up to a nice spot on the side of the stage. I like to get on the side and take pictures early in the set and then move towards the pit about halfway through. On most nights my plan works out perfectly but I guess this wasn't most nights.

As show time approached the crowd started filling in. The side stage was so full of people that no one could get through. The path to the bathroom was completely plugged up. Only a few big dudes had the muscle to push their way through. When they did everyone up front would get crushed. It was extremely uncomfortable but there was nowhere else to go.

I was hoping when the band started people would work their way towards the middle but that didn't happen. In fact it got much worse - not to mention the weasel next to me trying to squeeze in front of me and the two bouncers standing right in front of me.

Bad Brains took the stage after a very long break. HR seemed to be in very good spirits. It was a relief just to see him on stage as there was a rumor early on that he might only perform a few songs. When Bad Brains took the stage they busted into "I Against I" and the place exploded. I've seen many pits at CBGBs but this one has the new record for biggest. Unfortunately for me this included the side stage.

The beginning of the set was straight punk and included classics like "Sailin' On" and "Attitude". After the first quarter of the set I get sick of being crushed and the bouncers ass in my face so I moved to the front. The pit was huge but not particularly violent. I was actually stable enough to snap a pic or two - but then my camera died, which was sad.

With no pictures to worry about I was free to enjoy the show. At this point I was completely soaked in goon sweat so I said fuck it and had a little fun. Throughout the set HR was telling little stories and jokes. It was quite entertaining simply because of how crazy the dude is. He also forgot a few lyrics here and there but was spot on during the choruses.

My only real complaint was his lack of movement. Even during the fast shit he just stood there for the most part. He did have on two jackets and a collar shirt though so maybe he didn't want to break a sweat. But fuck all that, the man sounded damn good and that's all that matters. The band played extremely well and Dr. Know was fantastic, as always.

Bad Brains closed out their set with "Pay To Cum" which seems fitting considering the $45 tickets. During the final song one of the bouncers on stage lept into the crowd and embraced a girl who was also crowd surfing. The two of them started kissing on top of the crowd and then came crashing to the ground. It was quite a site and quite a memory for the two of them.

I've been to many shows at CBs over the years and I honestly can't say this was the best. I can say this though - I can't think of a better way to end my relationship with CBGBs then with a Bad Brains show. I will miss CBGBs so much, it's the best punk and hardcore venue in NYC. I do not look forward to a future without CBs and without real punk rock.

Bad Brains










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Pay To Cum - Bad Brains
Punks In Vegas - Bouncing Souls (Get it?)

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