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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pennywise, Circle Jerks, & Ignite 10/22

I was originally supposed to go see this show at the Warsaw on the 19th but due to a scheduling conflict I chose to cover this show, at Irving Plaza, instead. Prior to the show I was actually a bit disappointed I didn't get to see this lineup in Brooklyn, as the Warsaw is my favorite venue. What I was unaware of though was that this was the last night of the tour, which ended up meaning lots of fun surprises.

The night started off on a bad note. I arrived at Irving Plaza with BSC photographer Phil. We walked up to the ticket window and I gave the girl my name. She handed me two tickets and we proceeded to walk through the door, where they scanned our tickets. Cool right? Not so much - the door gal tells Phil he has to check his bag, which contains his fancy camera. He tells her he's here to shoot the show and I back him up. So she asks for a photo pass, which I was told we would get. So I ask her where one would pick up their photo pass and she points to the ticket window we were just at. I went back to the window but they did not have us down for photo passes at all!

I walk back in and tell Phil that we got fucked and were short a photo pass. Of course he had no intention of leaving his $1000+ camera at the bag check so he split. Normally I would have called up a friend and told them to hurry and grab Phil's ticket but it was too late, they already scanned the damn thing.

So up the stairs I went with two tickets in my pocket. As soon as I got upstairs Ignite was taking the stage. I've heard plenty about Ignite and I definitely have a few samplers with songs of theirs lying around. However I never really got into them and didn't know shit about them. They started off the first song and I instantly fell in love with this band.

The singer was absolutely fantastic and he had a Hungarian flag tattoo'd on his arm which was cool by me (I'm 50%). It's nice to hear a band playing hardcore-esque music that has singing. The guitar player with the goatee had a killer stage presence. Very energetic playing from the whole band actually.

Like I said there were a few surprises during the show. Ignite played a few covers including a Johnny Cash song and also "Sunday Bloody Sunday". They also had a surprise guest come out who ended up being none other then Vinny Stigma. The singer, who's name I believe is Zoltar, dedicated a song to the 50 year anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution - my grandfather gave shelter to refugee freedom fighters so that really meant something to me. Ignite is a damn good band and I have a lot of catching up to do as far as their music goes.

Up next were the hardcore punk legends - the Cirle Jerks! I have never had the pleasure of seeing them and I was very excited about this show. Keith Morris came out looking tired and haggard. Then the music started up and he went fucking crazy, it was awesome. Dread locks were flying all over the place as he ran around the stage.

They played a couple of Black Flag songs and also played "Destroy You" which caused quite a stir in the crowd. Jimmy G also came out and did a song with Keith. I certainly suggest checking out a Circle Jerks show. Soundwise they haven't aged at all, they still have that same energy I image they had in '79. Of course I wasn't there back then so that's hard for me to say but compared to all the other old punk bands I've seen they are way more energetic.

Pennywise time! I'll be honest with you here, I like Pennywise but I don't love them. Growing up my friends LOVED Pennywise so needless to say I know quite a bit about them. My old band in high school used to cover "Bro Hymm" which, by the way, is one of the best songs I've ever heard. When they walked out the place went fucking crazy. Everyone rushed towards the front before the first note was even struck.

When they did started playing it got really crazy. I wasn't expecting such intensity at a Pennywise show. The pit was massive and unrelenting and I couldn't even count how many kids were crowd surfing. Pennywise sounded really good but I was surprised that I couldn't remember the words to most of the songs (has it been that long?). Jim looked fucking fierce up there with the veins in his neck bulging out about two inches.

Remember what I said about surprises, well Pennywise had a few too. They did a cover of "Fight For Your Right" by the Beastie Boys - which was nothing special. They did another cover of "Astro Zombies" by the Misfits with the Ignite guy singing, which was fan-fucking-tastic. That dudes voice is very well suited for Misfits songs. Later on they had Keith from Circle Jerks come out and they played "Nervous Breakdown" which was so good I can't even fucking describe it.

Of course Pennywise closed their set with crowd favorite "Bro Hymm". Once the opening riff was played the place went crazy, even more crazy then it already was. Everyone there rushed toward the stage. Security couldn't hold them all back and a few of them snuck through and ended up on stage. The DMS crew was there supporting their boys from the West Coast. During "Bro Hymm" they all were on stage with a bunch of sneaky fans singing along with Pennywise. It was an amazing finale to a great show.





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Unknown said...

I saw Ignite open for Bad Religion a little over six years ago. They sure had a lot of energy, moreso than the Greg Graffin-Five.

Circle Jerks: saw them once, and it was a blast!

Pennywise was a band I loved back in high school. Seven years later; not so much. I will say that Fletcher is a really swell guy when he is not drunk.

Anonymous said...

The band has been around for some time now. Full of energy and great music.

I wish them all the best and hope that their future albums are going to get better.



Wide Circles

Anonymous said...

The band has been around for a long time and I am sure that there are even greater days ahead of them as they work on producing more new albums as well as live performances.



Wide Circles

Rony said...


All of the shows we played were great. We couldn't have had a better trip. It's a great feeling when people are jumping around and having as good a time as you are.




Unknown said...

This is alexhopes ,The band has been around for a long time and I am sure that there are even greater days ahead of them as they work on producing more new albums as well as live performances.

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