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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Listen To This: William Elliott Whitmore

Last night I went over to the Bowery Ballroom to check out City & Colour (no need for a review - awesome as always). The surprise came from the opener, a lone troubadour named William Elliott Whitmore. I was not expecting to hear down-home Americana music last night but damn if it wasn't refreshing. Maybe I'm late to the party but it's the first I've heard this dude. Judging from the people yelling out songs I might be but if you haven't heard read on.

WEW has a voice that rough and beautiful at the same time, think along the lines of Joe Cocker mixed with random old ass bluegrass dudes.

During the set he switched between an old acoustic and a banjo. He also had a little kick drum set up to keep time. But the most impressive instrument is this dudes voice.

If you're into the whole O'Death, Honne Wells, Langhorne Slim, etc. thing then this dude is right up your alley. If you're not into that scene then get with it because it's the best shit coming out right now.

WEW is from Iowa and has somehow landed tours with bands that sound absolutely nothing like what he's doing - City & Colour, Clutch, Murder By Death, etc. The thing is, judging from last night, people fucking get it. That's really surprising and also shows I have no faith in people.

WEW has an album coming out in a month or two. I suggest you pick up that one a few old ones while you're at it. But most importantly go see this dude play as soon as you can.

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Anonymous said...

i love william - def going to check his record out!!

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