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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tonight: City And Colour @ Bowery Ballroom

The lead singer (Dallas Green) of my favorite band (Alexisonfire) is in town with his solo project, City & Colour. At this point you've probably heard C&C, since it's been blowing up like crazy over the past 2 years or so. Every time Dallas comes through town he sells out a much larger venue then the last time he was in town. This time it's TWO sold out nights at Bowery Ballroom - impressive!

If you're a fan of AOF then I have no idea if you'll dig City & Colour. It sounds nothing like Alexis but there is, of course, the perfect voice of Dallas leading the way. Otherwise it's mostly acoustic and mellow, two words never used to describe AOF. That said I've seen C&C live and Dallas is fucking amazing to witness. I'll be there tonight truly enjoying myself, which doesn't happen at shows too much these days.

Here's some video from the last time I saw Dallas:

Coming Home - City & Colour

More Songs (Apparently the indie bloggers have finally caught on):
C&C On

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