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Friday, January 02, 2009

Warship (ex-From Autumn To Ashes)

While Long Island hardcore band, From Autumn To Ashes, is on "indefinite hiatus" a couple members started something new. The band, featuring Francis and Rob from FATA, is called Warship and it's a fitting name. Being that Francis has a very unique vocal style it certainly reminds you of FATA on that level but aside from the vocals this is nothing like FATA.

The music is heavy, actually "meaty" might be a better word to describe the crushing riffs of Warship. The guitar definitely has a southern/biker metal quality - think Crowbar, Down, Motorhead, Clutch, etc. This is surprising from a bunch of LI dudes but a good surprise nonetheless. Another surprise is how well the, for lack of a better term, screamo vocal stylings mix with the sludgy riffing.

I still haven't heard the whole album yet, only what's on MySpace, but so far so good. Warship only has one show listed, in Long Island (of course), but based on their bio it seems like they have a tour in the works for 2009.

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