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Friday, October 13, 2006

Borat: Deleted Scenes From Movie

Despite waiting in line at two screenings I still have not seen this damn movie but here are some deleted scenes to hold me over.

via What Became Of The Likely Broads

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Anonymous said...

This is awsome! Thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

You're a public servant. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

borat u r lord comedian since 1946 arghh

Anonymous said...

I'm from Kazakhstan, I really dont mind what Sasha Cohen is doing, I think that he is great in comedy, the only sad thing is that people who have no idea what Kazakhstan is like, after watching this movie will get wrong impression about us. Just in case, for those who is wondering, Kazakh people actually are asian looking :)

Anonymous said...

this is so funny i even saw the movie to.

Anonymous said...

Borat was the WORST film I've ever seen. I could live without the image of him crapping and masterbating in the middle of New York City. The image of two ugly naked men wrestling in a hotel room is forever etched in my mind. The film was insulting to anyone with intelligence or dignity.

Since when are rape, incest, beastiality, sodomy & abortion laughing matters? If any American father showed a photograph of his son's penis in public or on film, he would be put in jail for child pornography. Yet Borat supposedly exposes his "son's" nudity and we all laugh and point? What's wrong with this picture??

Black women are portrayed as whores, Americans are portrayed as drunks, bigots, religious fanatics. Jews are highly disrespected in this film. Russian citizens are misrepresented as being ignorant, incestuous people. Women are only referenced as sexual objects.

Borat crosses the line between borderline humor and outright vomitous material. The fact that this film was a hit reflects just how low our entertainment standards have fallen.

... said...

"The film was insulting to anyone with intelligence or dignity."

Hmm... I think only an idiot would say something like that. In fact if you don't see the humor in it then you must lack intelligence because it's clearly not meant to be taken seriously.

Are you from a red state? Because I've noticed alot of redneck types tend to miss out on things like irony, sarcasm, and indirect humor.

Git R Done! Now that's true comedy.

And even if you aren't a redneck I don't understand how this reflects low standards. It is a call to question things which have been ignored - like racism in America. People act like it doesn't exist but then as soon as someone thinks they have your trust they start talking shit on everyone different from them. This film not only addresses this it exposes it. And the timing couldn't be better with the whole Mel Gibson and Michael Richards bullshit.

Most comedies bomb compared to other genres of film. I believe the reason this is such a smash is because it's the first intellegent comedy made in a long time. Sure the lowlifes will get a kick out of the crudeness of the film but all of that takes a back seat for an intellegent viewer because there is much more to it.

We need Borat to expose all the shit swept under the rug and to expose two-faced morons to the public.

Anonymous said...

"Borat was the WORST film I've ever seen"
get a grip ffs

Anonymous said...

Damn, this movie is funny as a muthafucka.

Anonymous said...

The videos are no longer available ......

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