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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dateline: To Catch A Rock N' Roll Predator

Chris Hansen and Dateline have turned sexual predators into prime time gold. It's everyone's favorite show now. But the real sexual predators are still out there, touring the country and writing songs about their adventures with 15 year olds. Chris Hansen, you're dealing with small timers my friend - the rock stars are out there but you can't catch them with a computer.
Chris Hansen's most wanted list...

Top 5:

#1 Jerry Lee Lewis (AKA The Killer) - Married his 13 year old cousin at the age of 23. But then again, "in the old time it was not a crime."

#2 Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin) - At the age of 28 was in a public relationship with 14 year old Lori Maddox. Many other affairs with underage girls are rumored .

"If I played guitar I'd be Jimmy Page/The girlies I like are underage"
- Beastie Boys

#3 Elvis Presley (AKA The King) - Elvis had "an insatiable hunger for underage girls" and started dating Priscilla Wagner when she was 14.

#4 Pete Townsend (The Who) - Busted for possession of kiddie porn, claimed it was for "research."
#5 David Bowie & Angie Bowie - Rumored to have taken the virginity of, above mentioned, Lori Maddox when she was 13 years old.

The Watch List:
#6 Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) - Rumored to have numerous affairs with underage girls.
#7 Chuck Berry - Penned the song "Sweet Little Sixteen," what do you think that's about?
#8 Kip Winger (Winger) - Penned the song "Seventeen," again what's that about? Oh right, "Daddy says she's too young, But she's old enough for me"
#9 R. Kelly - Likes to piss on 14 year old girls...and also have sex with them. (Would have been higher, since he was caught, but he's not rock n' roll)
#10 All Rock Stars - Come on, like you would trust any of these dudes with your 15 year old daughter/sister.

If you see any of these dangerous predators please contact Dateline NBC.


Anonymous said...

priscilla's last name is actually beaulieu and she was 13 the first time she went to elvis' home in germany.

High Power Rocketry said...

: )

... said...

Her step dads last name was Beaulieu but she was born Wagner. She did use eventually use Beaulieu.

Also, you might be right about the 13 thing but everything I've read says she was 14 when they met. But if she was 13 that's even better for this stupid post I wrote.

Anonymous said...

Good story but you need to check some facts. In particular, Pete Townshend was arrested for using a credit card to access an illegal porn site but was later acquitted of all charges after the police confiscated all of his computers and found no porn of any kind downloaded. His story that he was curious to see if the major credit card companies do business with child porn sites checked out. It's too bad (but not surprising) that the press did not put the follow up to this story on their front pages....

Anonymous said...

There's some things you don't want to know about some of your idols, I know in those days parties were drink and drug fuelled, and it was hard to tell what was what.....and rockers sh*gg*d anything in a skirt no matter how old it was.

Probably girls that young, if they were completely aware what they were getting into, or 'what was getting into them'. And were walking around seeking 'it'. Then who can blame them.

I'm probably saying that to stick up for one of my idols.....which I'm trying to blank out.

Anonymous said...

Where's Gary Glitter? He's a big enough name, and a big enough pedophile. Rock N Roll part 2 is still played at like all sporting events.

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