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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Ponys, Black Lips, and Panthers @ Bowery Ballroom 3/26

On Monday I headed over to the Bowery Ballroom to see the Black Lips. The last time I saw them was the infamous gig which got them permanently banned from the Mercury Lounge. That show put the Black Lips on the map and made little places like the Merc no longer necessary anyway.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see the Lips again. I've also been meaning to catch a Panthers show so that was an added bonus.

I got to the Ballroom a little earlier then I should have so I sat at the bar downstairs and had a few beers. When I heard the band start I went upstairs and got a spot up front. The Panthers came out swinging, despite a non-receptive crowd. I was actually surprised that people seemed disinterested, it seems like Lips fans would dig rowdy rock n' roll like the Panthers deliver. One chubby girl was dancing around like crazy and got a shout out from the band. I think she might have pissed her pants - which I didn't notice until I looked at the pictures.

After the Panthers cleared the stage the Ballroom filled in fast. I had to fight to keep my spot up front as the rabid fans poured onto the floor. When the Black Lips started everyone went fucking crazy. There was a mini-pit going on up front, more akin to CBGB pogo pits then their more brutal NYHC cousin.

My "great spot" turned out to be kind of shitty. All I could hear was the one guitar and not much else. After about 4-5 songs I abandoned my post and took a few steps back where I could hear the whole band. Now that I could actually hear what was going on I was stunned. The sloppy garage punks cleaned up their act big time. They sounded like (gasp) a professional band...and they were fucking awesome!

The vocals, coming from all four members, sounded amazing and truly vintage to the 60's garage sound. The crazy fuck guitar player that drank his own piss last time I saw him kept the antics to a minimum. He did manage to self induce vomiting and left a little puddle on stage. Other then that and a brief make out session with the other guitar player things were pretty tame.

I really can't stress how much better the Black Lips have gotten since I last saw them a year ago. A band that started out using shock antics to draw crowds can now draw the people in on their musical merits alone.

After the smoke cleared I noticed that Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs was right up at the front of the stage. Apparently she was there the whole time bopping along to the Black Lips.

When the set was over the room cleared out and the Ponys set up. I really never listed to the Ponys much but I figured they would be something to stick around for. When they started the crowd seemed noticeably thinned out. Clearly the Lips were the main draw despite the Ponys claiming the headlining spot. Nevertheless, those who stayed seemed to be into the music.

I was a bit confused by the set they played. After two furious sets by the Black Lips and Panthers, The Ponys started with some mellow shit. This was a huge buzz kill for a lot of the people there. They did eventually get into some rocking tunes but they built up to it, instead of coming out with guns blazing like they should have. Ride the waves kids...ride the waves.

The Ponys were good but I would take a set by either of there openers any day. This was a Black Lips show through and through. Just like they stole Wolfmothers thunder a year ago tonight they stole the stage from the Ponys.

The Ponys



The Black Lips










A whole lot more pictures @ BSC Flickr

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Anonymous said...

that's a good recap! punk.

specially the :

akin to CBGB pogo pits then their more brutal NYHC cousin.

nicely said.

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