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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tonight: High Voltage w/ UltraGrrrl & Josh Madden

I know what you're saying. "Why the fuck are you endorsing this?" I know most of you hate UltraGrrrl and all of the Madden clan and I totally understand that. But considering that Grrrl was just on the cover of Village Voice I think it's safe to say tonight will draw an interesting crowd. It's basically going to be a circus show at Sutra tonight. Wannabes, douche nuggets, labelites, creeps and of course the typical rock n' rollers you'll always find at High Voltage. So come out to High Voltage: Nepotism Nightmare w/ Ultra & Joshy tonight at Sutra.

1 comment:

Battering Room said...

douche nuggets. yummy...

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