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Friday, March 09, 2007

Tonight: Trash 5-Year Anni + Hot Rocks + Murphy's Law

One of the few weekly parties I can always rely on is Trash. I've spent more Friday nights at Rififi then I can remember. You may have noticed that Trash has been MIA lately because of "renovations" at Rififi. Well after a brief hiatus the best thing to do on a Friday night is back with it's 5-year anniversary party. All the familiar faces are going to be there including Jess, Brendan James, Antonio, Bronques, Michael T, and anyone I may have forgot.

If Trash isn't your thing then maybe Hot Rocks @ The Delancey is. For a measly $5 you get 3 bands, DJ sets, and some free PBR.

And since BSC is one of the only blogs that covers hardcore I have to share this one with you. Hardcore legends Murphy's Law are playing a show tonight in...Staten Island, sorry. But hey it's hard to find a good hardcore show in NYC these days so I guess it's worth the trip.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the post! Love, Jenny Hot Rocks

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