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Friday, March 02, 2007

Jello Biafra @ Knitting Factory

About six years ago I attended a Jello Biafra speaking engagement in West Virginia. That single event completely changed my outlook on politics. I've been waiting patiently since then to catch Jello again. On Wednesday I headed over to the Knitting Factory to hear what Biafra had to say about the current state of the world.

I got to the show at about 8PM and their was a line done the block. I was pretty surprised because I can't recall ever waiting in line there before. While I was waiting a KF employee walked the line and told anyone without a ticket to turn around because it was sold out. Luckily I bought mine online the night before - I almost didn't.

Once I got inside I saw that the floor was full of folded chairs which, of course, were already filled. So I headed up to the balcony and found a decent spot against the railing. Sometime between 8:30 and 9PM Jello finally took the stage. Everyone cheered wildly as Biafra did his little intro from the side of the stage.

Then he went into his first rant, which was both hilarious and enlightening. The man is a genius and I have no doubt he could run circles around ANY potential president in debate. Jello hates just about all of them and can give you a thousand reasons to justify why. For example Hillary is pushing a bill to create a censorship committee and Obama signed off on making the Patriot Act permanent.

He also discussed some issues with the war which have not once been mentioned in mainstream news. The crowd was clearly getting fired up as Jello went through the list of all the shit these scum fucks have done to draw a giant fucking bullseye on us all.

Perhaps the best part of the night was his discussion on mailers. He shared one he received from George Bush after the election thanking him for all his support on a grass roots level. It was even addressed to Jello Biafra and not his real name, which makes it so much more funny. He also went through his favorite GW quotes about half of which I've heard but are still funny none the less. He then started quoting his high school math teacher which was easily one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.

There was an intermission after about 2 hours at which point I went downstairs and snagged an empty seat from someone who left. I felt nice to sit down after standing for so damn long. After about a half hour Jello went back out on stage and got started again. The night ended at 1AM and despite being tired I would have loved if it went another hour.

Jello Biafra is one of the greatest minds this country has and will change the way you think. If you ever have a chance to see him you absolutely must do whatever it takes to get in. I heard rumors that Jello was asked to run for president on the Green party ticket but turned them down. Hopefully this time around he decides to make a run. I realize he would not stand a chance but god damn those debates would be hilarious!





Beat Around The Burning Bush - Jello Biafra
Propane And Propane Accessories - Jello Biafra
Die For Oil Sucker - Jello Biafra
What's interesting is "Die For Oil Sucker" was recorded in 1991 and it applies 100% to the current situation

Jello Biafra @ KF


Anonymous said...

Jello has others do his research since he is not computer literate. Sometimes he doesn't check his facts or gets them wrong.
In his personal life he is a liar and hypocrite.
Like in his song with The Melvins, "Enchanted Thoughtfist" he wrote the lyrics, "Don't just question authority, question me".

thelovetheirma said...

funny when people post stuff like the former comment and don't share a shred of evidence to back it up. (sigh). Haters.

I saw Jello in Wisconsin. Loved it, even got to take a picture with the man. Inspiring man, indeed! :-)

thelovetheirma said...

funny how people post things like the previous comment, then don't provide a shred of evidence to back their claim. Even cuter when they post themselves as "anonymous" because they don't have the cojones to stand up for what they say...


ij said...

Jello Biafra has made a lot of money ranting about the government. i would like to personally ask him how much his net worth is. the guy is a f888in hypocrite. he might have great leftist views and principles, but he is just another rich man hypocrite pretending to save the world. chalk one up for sell out money.

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