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Friday, April 20, 2007

Art Brut & O'Death @ Studio B 4/18

On Wednesday night Art Brut and O'Death played at Studio B in Greenpoint. During the past few weeks I've been hearing great things about O'Death so I was really excited to see them on the bill. It was a bit unusual considering their sound but that also made it more interesting.

The show started at 8PM but I was at a meeting and I didn't get there until about 9PM, or so. O'Death was already more then halfway through their set when we got there. I only got to hear about 4 songs but damn were they good. The energy this band has is awesome, which is necessary when you're playing bluegrass to hipsters. I can see why this band just keeps getting more and more attention.

After O'Death finished up we headed to the lounge area on the side and relaxed on the couches. I have to say more venues should have an area like this. I also have to say I hate Studio B for shows. It might have the worst sight lines of any venue in NYC. Those fucking beams really make it hard to get a good angle. Despite the large space everyone has to cram into the middle area if they want to see anything.

We waited for about 20 minutes or so and then Art Brut came on. So we abandoned our couch and pushed ourselves toward the stage. Like the other times I've seen Art Brut this show was very entertaining. Eddie is fucking hilarious and really knows how to have fun. There were a bunch of drunk fratty looking dudes around us singing very loudly to every song. The funny thing was they were singing in English accents (they weren't British), which I guess is mandatory with Art Brut.

They played a few new tracks which seemed to slow down the dancing and singing - as new songs often will. All of the classic Art Brut songs were played and they were fucking brilliant - Emily Kane, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, Moving To L.A., etc. Again, I can't stress enough how great Eddie is as a front man. The between (and sometimes during) song banter is a top notch comedy act. Eddie went on a rant about "people listening to people in bands" and told everyone they were dumb if they listened to anything he said - which is true.

The show was great but I've been to better Art Brut shows. Next time they come around the crowd should be familiar with the new stuff which will make for a better show.

Art Brut top of the pops!

Art Brut








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