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Monday, April 16, 2007

Book This Band...

Here's an idea I had - I used to manage my brothers band and I realize it's not easy to get a decent gig in the city if you're coming from out of town. So if you are a band from elsewhere trying to play NYC then let me know. Every week I will write a post about bands looking to book some shows here.

Send me an email with the following email to qualify:
  • MySpace link
  • Location
  • Subject line MUST say Book Us
  • Date range you're looking to book
  • Label (optional)
  • MP3 (optional - must be URL, no attachments!)

If I like your music I will include you, if I don't then I either don't like you or you screwed up the email. Obviously I can't guarantee that you'll get a show but it might help.

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