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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Langhorne Slim @ Rockstar Bar 4/19

I've been meaning to write about this for a few days but I slacked...sorry. Anyway, last Thursday Langhorne Slim played under the bridge at Rockstar Bar. It's unusual for someone good to play there so I decided to check it out. The show was listed as having a $5 cover but I walked right in, and then I waited 20 minutes for a fucking beer while the bartender chatted with her friends.

At around 12:30 Slim took the stage and played a song. Then the legendary shit sound at Rockstar kicked in. Nearly all of the speakers cut out or something because the level dropped to almost nothing. This happened during the middle of a song but he kept going until the end. Then everyone tried to get whatever broke working again and the show stopped. Slim said something that sounded like "I need to charge my amp. I'll be back in 20 minutes." Charge your amp? Never heard that one before.

I had a feeling the sound was dead so i said fuck it and I went home. Gabe (BSC reviewer) and my brother stuck around. Thirty minutes after I left Slim was back on stage - I was right about the sound, it was fucked. But that didn't stop Slim from playing a set. He called the crowd up on stage with him and played a true acoustic set - NO amplification of any kind. According to my brother everyone was on stage dancing and singing. It was a good old fashion hoot-n-nanny.

Langhorne Slim with be playing at Union Pool on May 4th.


If anyone has pics from after the sound went out let me know.

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ARTIFACT said...

It was an incredible night at the Rock Star Bar. I wrote a very detailed and thoughtful description of the whole night including the Unplugged session.Sorry you left. You can read my post and can click on the web album to see pictures!

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