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Thursday, April 05, 2007

HORSE The Band @ Europa 3/29

On Thursday night I headed around the block to Europa to see HORSE The Band. If you read BSC on a semi-regular basis then you know I have a bit of a fascination with these crazy fuckers. I mean, what's not to love about a band that mixes metal and nintendo and perform in drunken viking stupors. I've been waiting a long time for HORSE to headline a show in New York and now it was happening... right down the street.

I got to Europa around 9PM or so. I had heard one of the bands wasn't performing tonight so I assumed that HORSE would be going on early. When I got there some band was playing and they weren't very good. So I headed over to the bar and had a few beers. After about 15 minutes they finished up. I wasn't sure if HORSE was next or not so I held m y post at the bar.

Then I saw a band setting up that was not HORSE. It was the opener The Number Twelve Looks Like You. It seemed like the people there were digging them but I wasn't feeling it - too sloppy. It was nothing I haven't heard before so I kept on drinking.

By the time they finished up I had a nice buzz going courtesy of the house Polish beer. I should have mentioned this earlier but I was super excited to see HORSE. To the point where I had that destructive energy I haven't felt since I was about 17. I was ready to go and the booze just made put me in more of a rage.

When HORSE The Band finished setting up and started playing everyone went crazy. They opened with one of my favorites "Birdo" and the god damn pit erupted. It looked like a fucking Braveheart battle scene. During the song the HORSE roadie hopped on stage dressed as an egg. For reference, Birdo is the character from Mario 2 who shot eggs from his/her mouth. It did calm down after "Birdo" a bit but not much.

From that point on it was just pure chaos. The crowd was surprisingly small but you could tell the people there were die hard fans - singing every word, flailing to the beat - it was awesome. During "Anti-Pizza" the same roadie guy came back up on stage dressed as a huge slice of pizza.

Before every song the singer would say "this is our last song," so no one knew when the last song was actually coming. Eventually they did play a last song and it was a classic, "Cutsman." As soon the first note was struck the floor erupted - more so then with "Birdo" or "A Million Exploding Suns." Just when I thought it couldn't be better the end of the song came..."cut, cut, cut, cut - CUT, CUT CUT, CUT." One simple word repeated over and over again brought Europa down.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you it was one of the best shows I've ever seen - it wasn't. But what I can say is that I haven't felt that way before or during a show in 10 years. I'm a jaded bastard now and even when I go to see a band I love I don't get very excited about it usually. I was damn excited to see HORSE and I showed it by spending the entire set int the pit. The next day I could barely fucking move but it was all worth it to feel like a punk ass teenager again.












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Unknown said...

i was the kid in the converge shirt who jump on stage and sang along to bunnies...
i got hurt that night in many ways lol...

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