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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Born Ruffians Cover Grizzly Bear

Born Ruffians have released a cover of "Knife" by Grizzly Bear. Take a listen and let me know what you think. I'm not a Grizzly Bear fan so I'm not sure how this stacks up to the original.

Knife (Grizzly Bear Cover) - Born Ruffians

The band says:

We didn’t really get together and say: ‘hey let's start doing a cover of Knife’, but sometimes in practice we just play other bands' songs that we like, or goof around just for fun. (We often do a jam-band version of the Brokeback Mountain theme). I think Warp had just given us a copy of the Yellow House promo, and we all had listened to it and "Knife" was definitely one of the stand-out tracks for us.

Luke and Mitch had seen Grizzly Bear before we were even on Warp, and were fans. Luke listened to the album a lot in his room and figured “Knife” sort of sounded like a 60's rhythm and blues song. He played around with it a bit and then I think next practice, we were just kind of fiddling around and he started playing it and we followed him. It sounded pretty good after like one or two times through and we realized it was a cover we could actually pull off and play live, and everybody who heard it seemed to like it. It just happened really naturally. Also, we collectively think that Grizzly Bear is one of the most exciting bands today.


Anonymous said...

original is better but this is cute. man you should reinvestigate yellow house if you haven't lately. so good.

Battering Room said...

BR are from Canada

... said...

Whoops - I just assume everyone is from the UK these days.

Anonymous said...

Am I more throaty?

Ou es mes chiens?

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