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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New York Dolls Played Varvatos Store Yesterday

Sometimes it's a good idea to not go home. Yesterday around 5:30 a friend in the office asked me if I wanted to go grab fifty-cent tacos and tequila. It was some Cinco De Mayo thing. Generally I don't go to shit like that, I was planning on a night at home, but for some reason I did. When we got there the line to get in was 100 people deep. Fuck that!

So we decided to go to that good pizza joint in the LES, on Stanton I think. When we get there we see a buddy of ours eating a slice. We start talking and he mentioned he had an event he was sponsoring at The Varvatos store - New York Dolls were playing! He invited us along so I said sure.

The next thing you know we're in the store an hour before doors open watching the Dolls sound check. They were setting up the bar at this point too - free Belvedere and free PBR! Since we had some time to kill we went across the street for a couple of drinks. When we got back there was a sizeable line outside. Also, George Whipple was outside just hanging with some friends - that's when I knew the night was going to be awesome.

We get inside and head straight for the bar. I was planning on a Belvedere cocktail but changed my mind when I saw the tiny 6 oz. cups. Fuck that, give me a tall boy. I walked around and took note of the rockers in attendance including Handsome Dick Manitoba, Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons), and bunch more my alcohol bleached mind can't recall.

I think we hung out pounding beer and Belv for about another hour. Then the Dolls came on stage. Of course, that's when the undeniable urge to piss hit. I pushed my way through the crowd towards the stage in an attempt to get to the pisser. Unfortunately I had to turn right around because they cut off access to the bathroom because the band was up.

On the brink of pissing myself silly I pushed back through the crowd yet again and ran out of the store. I headed into the bar we were in earlier and took a quick leak and rushed back for the show. Relieved I grabbed another tall boy and got as close as I could without pushing.

I've seen the New York Dolls a ton of times in the last few years and I have to say they looked and sounded better then ever - I mean from what I can remember, which isn't much. The show was fucking great and I was really happy I decided to get fifty-cent tacos after work. Sometimes you go for tacos and end up with the New York Dolls! Oh, and the open bar was a nice touch too. According to the puke in my sink this morning, maybe a little too nice.


...insufficient fare said...

FYI, NY1 is airing the NYDolls pre-show interview right now plus some footage of the show.

DGW said...

Must have been mental seeing them in a place like that ...!

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