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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cool Tour Ahead.

Cake, Gogol Bordello, Tegan & Sara, and some fucking comedian:

I hate Cake, I don't understand how people like that dry, emotionless crap. So I couldn't care less (that's right - "couldn't care less" it's not "could care less" - that makes no sense, stop saying it) about Cake and the comedian guy. But Gogol is fucking awesome and Tegan & Sara are excellent song writers. The question is - will I go to this show? Maybe, it's clearly too expensive ($35-ish) but I can write it off. Maybe I'll score some freebies, that's about the only way I'll go. But if you have the money I highly recommend this. Hopefully, when this hits the city Gogol & the girls will do a side show in some dingy shithole - that would be ideal.

Think Locally, Fuck Globally - Gogol Bordello

Walking With A Ghost - Tegan & Sara

Thanks for the news Brooklyn Vegan

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