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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Germs!

Hey, you know me by now. I hate to pay to get into places, but this time I have - and I won't even complain. Tomorrow night The Germs are playing at the Continental. Do you understand how crazy that is? Here's why:

1. The Germs broke up in 1980
2. The Germs are one of the best/most influential punk bands ever
3. It's at the fucking Continental - the second most punk rock venue in NYC (that still exists)

Trust me, even if you aren't familiar with The Germs go to this show. You know the weirdo fem guitar player that joined Nirvana towards the end - well that's Pat Smear. He's in the Germs.

Man this is going to be good!

Lexicon Devil - The Germs

Media Blitz - The Germs

The Continental


Patrick J. Fitzgerald said...

The Germs were required listening in Flatbush!

... said...

As well they should be.

Jeffery Schmitz said...

Not really the Germs without Darby Crash but rock out

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