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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve

Tonight is a special night for us all... well not really. If you're like me you go out quite often and the idea of spending $200 for an open bar is insane - especially since My Open Bar exists. So here are my plans for tonight: First I'm pregaming at various people's apartments in Williamsburg. Then I'll be off to a few official loft parties with bands playing and all that jazz. Then I will head into Manhattan and hit one or both of these.

MisShapes NYE Party (only $5)

Rififi NYE Party (No Cover)

The MisShapes party is a gaurantee of a good time, I highly reccommend this party - if you can get in. Rififi is a gamble, sometimes this is my favorite place to party in NYC and sometimes not so much. One thing is for sure about both - you can get smashed on the cheap.

If these don't sound good go to Whats Up NYC for a massive listing of what else is happening (yes I work there, but I swear we have the best listings). If you want info on any Williamsburg loft parties just send me an email or click the MySpace link and contact me through there.

Have fun and try not to get herpes when you hook up with some random stranger tonight.

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