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Sunday, December 18, 2005

This Weekend Past

This weekend was weird... I went out and all but I just wasn't feeling it. Friday was the usual - Rififi. We had a nice little crew there, but I was really tired. I actually switched to water from beer. WATER for god's sake. Anyway, it wasn't a horrible time but it's been better.

The next night I didn't get to my apartment until about midnight. I had a few drinks and took a shower. Around 2AM I got a call from a whole bunch of people down at Anytime. So I headed that way, by the time I got there they were ready to leave. So we hit the pizzeria and then it was off to Royal Oak. I dig the place but come on... those drink prices are a bit steep for a joint on the edge of Greenpoint. I ended up jumping ship after an hour or so. Everyone else stayed and danced all night. I think this new medication is wearing me down. Anyone know anything about Nexium?

So anyway here are some pics.

Rififi Friday

Royal Oak Saturday

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