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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Archie Bronson Outfit - Domino Band

Someone from Domino sent me an email about a band they're working with called The Archie Bronson Outfit. I almost didn't listen to it because of the name but I gave it a chance since Domino seems to have generally good taste.

The track is called "Dart For My Sweetheart" and it starts of kinda weak. In fact after the first ten seconds I was tempted to turn it off but I stuck with it. As the song progresses it gets much, much better. About halfway through I was hooked. This song is good and I really dig the chorus.

Here is some info on the band:
Discovered by Domino label boss, Laurence Bell, in his local watering hole - a distinctly off-the-track hostelry - Archie Bronson Outfit are one of the most unique and brilliantly out of step British bands in years. Originally hailing from the West Country, the trio relocated to Southwest London where they studied art alongside future members of current up and coming London contemporaries such as The Beat Up and The Duke Spirit. Juggling their art school education with the grand task of refining their rock and roll vision, Archie Bronson Outfit arrived at their own markedly British rock cocktail - a taut, lean sound, as subtle as it is powerful.


** Update: Apparently these guys have been around for awhile.

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