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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Best Firefox Extension Ever?

I am very worried about reporting this extension because I have a feeling it might not last very long if people are aware of it's power.

Two days ago I randomly stumbled upon what may be the greatest online tool I've ever used. It's a Firefox extension which allows you to see all of the contact info for whatever site you happen to be on. It's fucking amazing. The extension gives you all sorts of stats for the page, including Alexa and Google page ranks. But I don't really give a rat's ass about that, the contact info feature is the reason you must get this.

For shit's and giggles I went to Screech's website and tried it out - well what do you know? After I right clicked on the Alexa bar in the right hand corner and clicked on "Contact Info" a little box popped up. An email, an address, and a phone number was listed. Someone I know gave the number a call and I was told that the person who picked up said it was Screech's office or something like that. I tried it with several other sites and it's remarkably accurate.
So the point is this is the greatest Firefox extension ever. For all you online marketers out there this thing will make your job a lot easier.

I tried it for some other sites too - including the Cobrasnake. It worked just fine but don't abuse this power. I do not support prank calling the Cobrasnake and telling him you found a dumpster full of headbands in the middle of Bed-Stuy.

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Anyone know Sam from Williamsburg?? She likes dogs and bikram yoga.

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