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Friday, July 14, 2006

No Borat For Bloggers

So last week I'm in Union Square and I see one of those movie screening people on the corner. I go over to see what movie they're screening and to my delight it's the new Borat movie! The funny thing about that was about 20 minutes prior to that I was showing my girlfriend Borat clips on YouTube. Needless to say I grabbed a flyer and called the number to RSVP.

I left all the information they asked for but I wasn't sure the info went through. When I got home a few hours later I emailed the RSVP address to confirm that my call went through. The email I sent the confirmation from had my URL in the signature (that comes into play later). About ten minutes later I get an auto-response telling me the list was full.

Now I was really worried that I got cut off when I called in my info. You see, there is no movie I want to see more then Borat. I invited my brother to be my guest (everyone gets 1 guest). He is as big a fan of Borat as I am.

Fast forward to yesterday (Thursday), I take off work about an hour early and head to 57th street for the screening. My brother meets me there, here's the thing, he drove all the way from South Jersey (2&1/2 hours away). I made it there before he did so I got in line and waited. After about ten minutes a guy comes up to me and hands me a card to fill out. On the card is an agreement that no information from the movie will be revealed. No big deal, I filled out my card and signed on the dotted line.

My brother gets there about 15 minutes after I do and has to go to the back of the line. Eventually they gave him a card to fill out to and all seemed well. After another 15 minutes in line a guy comes up to me and asks me my name, which of course I give him. He flips through his clipboard and nothing. The other guy with him checks his sheet and there I am. Right away I notice that my name is in bold print (WTF?) .

Then comes the bombshell - "We can't let you in". I ask the douche why and he tells me that he doesn't know but it's likely because they overbooked and had to cut people. Well why the fuck was my name in bold print? Somehting smelled fishy so I started asking around and finally I found the person I needed to talk to.

I politely introduce myself and tell her that I had RSVP'd and that my name was on the list but I was told I couldn't enter the screening. Then I mentioned the bold print and she immediately replied "You do reviews". I told her that I indeed did reviews but of music not movies. She then said that there was nothing I could do.

Apparently signing an agreement which states you will not reveal points from the movie means nothing. Seriously how retarded is this whole thing? I mean what are the odds of me being the only person with a blog in that line? Not to mention even if I am permanently blacklisted I could easily RSVP with the name of a friend and waltz right in. My point is anyone can reveal the movie and anyone could be in that line. Why am I singled out? It's fucking bullshit is what it is.

So thanks Screening Exchange - I love rushing through work all day so I can leave early. And my brother loved driving 2 and a half hours for no god damn reason at all. Now because of you I will forever associate Borat with this fucked up experience. Again thank you.


chumly said...

I think it is becaue you look like Groucho Marx and you know how he was.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the downside of fame...

Anonymous said...

How can you ski in NY. Man, some people sure are stupid.

Jeremy Bentham's Head said...

That strategy is simply begging for blogger backlash. Now every miscreant blogger with a David v. Goliath complex is going to start reviewing any movie they can get their hands on, with the express desire of spilling the beans. Very myopic on the part of the screeners.

Riinu said...

Nice picture :D

Craig C said...

Damn, screwed by Blogger.

I am sure that almost never happens.

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