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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Kings Of New York: Madball (& Turmoil) at CBGB's

This was a concert I was looking forward to for a long time. My favorite NYC hardcore band ever, Madball, and my favorite Philly hardcore band ever, Turmoil, playing together at CBGBs. I had some trouble getting in and I thought I might miss the show, which would have been horrible.

You see, I was supposed to be on the Madball list but somehow that didn't happen. I tried to explain this to the guy at the door but no dice. It was ok though because I was told if I wasn't on the list to give Freddy Madball a call and he would get me in. So I gave Freddy a call - no answer - fuck! Then I stood in front of CB's for about 30 minutes hoping I would see someone I recognized so I could plea my case - I didn't see anyone.

I was really nervous/pissed that I might not get to see this show. I swore that I read the show was sold out so I never actually asked if there were still tickets, and the door guys didn't mention it either. I saw Turmoil was loading in so I found another door guy and asked if there were still tickets. To my surprise he said yes, so I reluctantly coughed up 15 dollars and headed inside.

Turmoil was setting up their shit when I walked in - perfect timing. The band took the stage and that's when I realized how long it's been since I've seen these guys. They looked much older then I remembered. The singer who used to be a skinny dude was huge now - not really fat but stocky. It was weird because he was famous for being this fairly small dude that used to go into the pit during shows and fuck people up. I never saw a Turmoil show back in the day that didn't end with him covered in blood (I'm not exaggerating at all).

Anyway, they started exactly the way any Turmoil fan would hope - "What the fuck! - are! - you!". It was great to those words after all these years. Turmoil was always one of my favorite bands to see live and based on what I was seeing they still are.

My complaint is that one of the best parts of seeing them way back when was the crowd interaction. They were in the pit with everyone else and it was insane to witness. This time around they barely moved at all and stayed far from the pit - when there was one. Which also surprised me about this show - no one seemed to give a fuck about Turmoil. I mean come on, one of the best late 90's hardcore bands back together and no one cares. There was barely any action on the floor at all and it was a bit depressing. Turmoil didn't let it phase them though, they sounded awesome.

After Turmoil finished I moved to the side of the stage, where I found a chair to stand on. I had a pretty good spot, despite the monitor being in front of me. I wasn't staying on the floor for Madball - pits aren't fun for me anymore, they fucking hurt now. As expected a few minutes after Turmoil the flood gates opened and CB's filled with NY's hardest. One thing about Madball shows is that these are real fucking hardcore cats, not suburbanites with backwards hats. The crowd at a Madball show in NYC is a bit frightening and they fucking go apeshit.

I can't even remember what song they opened with but the floor exploded instantly. People jumping off of speakers, flipping into the crowd - the way a hardcore show should be. The thing is these weren't kids, these were old crusty punks/thugs cracking some skulls. It looked pretty brutal from my perch.

Madball NEVER puts on a bad show. I've seen them more times then I can count and they always destroy. There is a reason that they are considered the best NYC hardcore band (props to SOIA) and it's not their albums. Madball, like always, was on point - hell it's CBGBs, where it all started, of course they were on point.

Some of the notable moments of the show was when Toby from H2O joined the boys for a song. Hoya (bass) and Freddy (vocals) switched it up for that song. So Hoya and Toby were on vocal duty with Freddy playing bass. At another point in the set Freddy announced that Hoya was getting married (aww). Everyone gave him a big congratulations and then the show went on. They played quite a few songs, the best being "Pride" and "Down By Law". Those aren't my favorites they were just the best of the set.

I always love seeing Madball, especially in NYC. You know why? Because Madball are the kings of New York. You missed a great fucking show kids, don't slack next time they're around. Which won't be at CBGB's, this was officially they're last gig at CB's which just fucking sucks.


Toby from H2O & Hoya

Freddy Madball



Anonymous said...

S'cuse me for a minute. I just gotta sit down. I think goin' directly from Denny Blaze to Madball gave me a whip lash or somethin'...

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