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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hey Chris Cornell, WTF!?!?

So I just headed over to the Chris Cornell MySpace to take a listen to the new tunes. Now I expected it to suck - frankly everything he's done since Euphoria Morning has. In fact lots of people thought that sucked too. But I'll stand up for it, sure it's no Soundgarden but it's pretty damn good in my book.

I kinda lost ya with Audioslave, it sounded good on paper but then I heard it and well, not my thing. That James Bond shit was pretty awful but it was for a soundtrack and I'm guessing you didn't have full creative control so I let it pass.

And that brings me to my experience on MySpace this morning. I have no words to describe what entered my ear holes. It's without question some of the worst shit I've ever heard in my life. Now if you told me some 15-year old kid made this shit then I probably wouldn't be saying that but the fact it comes from one of the great singers of rock n' roll disturbs me greatly.

Dude, you're what 45 now? I understand it's the whole midlife thing but seriously man. You're an amazing musician (he really is, great on guitar and drums) and I didn't hear a single guitar or anything resembling an actual instrument. It's just you singing to some shitty beats Timbaland had laying around from his Justin Timberlake sessions.

You're better then this man. I mean dude, SOUNDGARDEN! If not the best, at least the most consistently good band from the Seattle scene. Please for the love of God call up Thayil and write some real shit to make up for this.

Maybe 15 year olds will actually dig this shit and you'll get your platinum stamp but honestly they're going to see right fucking through this. You're just some old dude that used to be in some band their dads listen to.

I read something on a message board that made me feel a little better. Someone mentioned Robert Plant in the 80's and it made me feel a little better. He had the same story really - amazing singer in amazing band goes solo and makes some "hip" shit. But look at him now, back to making killer fucking music again.

If you keep this up then you deserve to be remembered forever as the shitty pop guy. But if this was just some twisted midlife crisis then I forgive you. Please go back to music with guitars. You're embarrassing yourself.

Chris Cornell MySpace

Same dude... How?

He's capable of this!

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