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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Team Robespierre & So So Glos @ Autumn Bowl

So I totally forgot to write up a review for this one - whoops. Here's a really brief recap and some pics:

  • Autumn Bowl is an amazing fucking spot and there needs to be more parties there.
  • The sound kinda sucks though, 300 foot ceilings and having the band set up 20 feet above everyone doesn't help either.
  • Sliding/climbing in and out of the bowl is fun but you might get splinters in your ass.
  • The food there was plucked from dumpsters, yum!
  • So So Glos were awesome
  • Team Robespierre was good but clearly the set up was not helping them out - being away from the crowd and all.
  • There's some sort of toxic dust i the air at Autumn Bowl, you can see it in the pics.
Team Robespierre



So So Glos




BSC Flickr

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the magic dust floating is a mixture of skin cells and masonite dust.....

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