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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The MTA Will Fuck Us All

Have you heard the wonderful news? The MTA is going to jack up the fare again. This time the monthly is getting raised from $81/month to $103/month! That means I'm expected to pay over $1,200/year to get to work. Sure it's cheaper then having a car but considering they're cutting service too it's not going to be nearly as convenient.

I for one am sick of the MTA dicking around. We had a surplus a few years ago and instead of holding onto it for hard times those fucking retards blew every fucking penny of it. Now they barely have enough money to stay functional and we have to pay for it. The funny thing is when the ridership drops in half then a 25% increase will only dig the hole deeper.

I'm ready to march on city hall and demand this be resolved. The work force can not afford an increase like this and most people don't have the option of working from home. It's time for officials to step in and smack the idiots at the MTA around a bit, or else we're going to have to do it.

I for one am going bike shopping as soon as this kicks in. I could use the exercise anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The key is to one let your voice be known at the power centers the City and State levels. Letter work believe me. Otherwise pristine national park land would have been open to the forestry and oil businesses. For info on local representatives visit Also like you said try not to use the subway or any mass transportation. Walk or bike it. You maybe one person but your actions can and will inspire others. You can't complain unless you are willing to put that anger into positive action. ^_^

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