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Monday, March 02, 2009

Wanna See U2 at Fordham? Get A Fake ID.

Remember when you used to have to get a fake ID to get into all the good shows? Well now you can relive those days with a fake Fordham ID. As you've probably heard U2 is supposed to play Fordham... but only for students. But now you can get yourself a fakey straight from the source.

Well, I work at the Fordham student ID office... and I'm transferring after this semester anyway... so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity and offering to sell (A FEW) Fordham IDs. I really need the money and nobody would ever notice. Obviously, I can't print very many, and I can't get caught doing it or else I will get fired (and probably expelled.) But I know how not to get caught.

I would like to charge $50 per Fordham ID. Considering that U2 concert tickets usually sell for more than $150, that is a really good bargain! If I get a TON of interested responses to this post, more than I can do, then maybe I will raise the price. But if I can do 20 of them at $50 apiece, that would be just fine with me.
See, it's easy. It's fool proof!

Fordham ID Craigslist

*** Hey stupids, I'm not the guy selling the ID. Notice how the part of the post with the info is in quotes? Yeah, that means it's from somewhere else, like maybe the Craigslist post I linked to below it. Stop fucking emailing me asking for an ID.

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Anonymous said...

what a loser!!!

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