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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tonight: Ski Club Party! Super Party Fun Time @ Castle In Hell

Tonight is the first party I've worked on in awhile. The word has been spreading and I think it's going to be a fucking great time. We got the locals playing (Action Painters, Dynasty Electric, Radio America, HTR) and we got the Philly crew coming up too (The Sounds Of Kaleidoscope). Get there early and take advantage of the free beer, plus (TSO)K go on first and they're fucking awesome.

Dynasty Electric (
Radio America (
The Sounds Of Kaleidoscope (
Action Painters (

***Quit asking about the list. 1) It's a house party. 2) It's only $5. 3) I'm just promoting, I'm not involved with the venue stuff so I honestly don't even know if there is one - probably not though.

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