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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

AOL Twitter Request Radio Station

AOL Radio will be launching a Twitter based radio station tomorrow. Starting today you can send a tweet tagged #aolradiorequest along with the song name and then hear it on the station. Apparently they're going to have celebrity Twitter-ers (?) sending in requests. They mention @BarackObama and @Oprah, amongst others - we'll see how that goes.

Want to contribute to AOL Radio's first all-Twitter-request radio station?! AOL Radio is creating a radio station programmed entirely by Twitter users, and we invite all Twitter users to participate!

Today (Wed. June 10th) from 12 pm ET until midnight ET, announce your request by tweeting the artist/band name, song title and hashtagging it with #aolradiorequest

An all request station programmed by snarky Twitter kids? Expect a ton of power ballads and 80's pop - the more ironic the better.

While it's unlikely I would listen to this channel, people have shit taste in music, I think it's a rather interesting use of Twitter.

While we're on the topic, if the Twitter channel isn't your thing you should check out the AOL Radio Classic Punk station. I've been listening to that station for years now and it's pretty much the only radio station I bother with. The song selections are top notch - Ramones, Stranglers, Sham 69, Dead Boys, The Damned, New York Dolls, etc.

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