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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Alexisonfire Track & Album (June 23rd)!

There are very few bands that I actually get super fucking excited about. One of those bands is Alexisonfire from Canada. In my opinion they have the best singer in rock (Dallas Green who made a splash on the indie/hipster blogs with his solo project City & Colour) and play heavy melodic punk-ish music that somehow doesn't fall into the screamo or metalcore catagory. If you read this blog then you already know I love this band.

I hadn't heard anything regarding AOF in awhile so I checked out thier MySpace and was very pleased to find a new song, video, and a release date for the new album - Old Crows/Young Cardinals (out June 23rd).

If you haven't heard of Alexisonfire yet you should give them a listen. They are pretty much the biggest rock band in Canada (besides Anvil of course) and are huge in the UK as well. Oh and they're fucking amazing live, I've seen them about 4 or 5 times now. Go see them on Warped Tour this summer.

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