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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tonight: Free Show, Team Robespierre & Cerebral Ballzy @ The Charleston

Holy fuck nuts! Yeah, that was completely necessary. You see Team Robespierre and Cerebral Ballzy are playing a free show tonight at The Charleston on Bedford. There are a few factors that will make this one for the books.

1) Team Robes & Ballzy! I mean, they're two of the craziest live bands in Brooklyn.
2) The Charleston is one of the last bastions of punk rock in Williamsburg. All the old crazies still frequent this joint. Add two high energy bands to that and you have a party.
3) It starts LATE, like 11 or midnight. For a Wednesday show that's pretty crazy. This means that by the time Ballzy goes on everyone is going to be shit faced and out of control. This is good!

Team Robespierre
w/ Cerebral Ballzy
@ The Charleston (Right by the Bedford L)

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