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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tonight: Wild Yaks; Radio America & Dynasty Electric Loft Party

The original plan for tonight was another installment on The Non-Worker Party. But then that went to shit and we had to cancel. Then I heard that So So Glos and Wild Yaks were playing at The Jungle so that made me less bummed about having to cancel our party because those are pretty much my two favorite Brooklyn bands. Then I got word that, while that party is still happening, So So Glos and Wild Yaks won't be playing. FUCK! Then Tom tells me the loft party Radio America was supposed to play last Friday got moved to this Friday. So cool, there's a party tonight! It's at the Dynasty Electric loft.

So here's the plan tonight. First I'm heading to the Wild Yaks show on Hope. I hear that The Goddamn Rattlesnake might be playing too. Then I'm heading over to the Newsonic Loft for Radio America and Dynasty Electric. Also notable tonight is show at Shea Stadium that my homeboy Fanelli from The Shapes put together. There's going to be a NinjaSonik show at Europa and a Bikes In The Kitchen party at The Jungle (that's the one Yaks and Glos were supposed to play).

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