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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last RATED-X Ever! (I'm Hosting)

A few years ago I moved to Brooklyn and found a world of awesome parties and shows. From the people I met in BK I started finding out about other awesome shit going down in the Village that I wasn't keen to before hand. So I started going to as many parties as I could, especially the ones with free booze.

Two of those parties stood out and became favorites of mine - Trash and Rated-X. Those parties had such an amazing mix of outcasts in attendance. Plus the music was always awesome - Michael T, Theo, Jess, Antonio, Alex, and all the guest DJs kept the dance party going with punk, glam, soul, rockabilly, whatever. Those were fucking great times.

Back then I used to wait in line for 25 minutes, or more, in all weather to get in every weekend. One day I thought it would be cool to write about the adventures we had at parties like Rated-X and Brooklyn Ski Club was born. It used to be a party blog first and foremost, the focus on music came later when I got old and stopped going out every night.

Well, after 6 years of parties Michael T and Theo are closing the doors on Rated-X. It will go down as one of the legendary downtown parties for sure. I'm happy to say that I'll be hosting the last Rated-X ever! Not sure how that happened. I mean, like I said, it was only a few years ago I was standing in line like every other schmuck and now I'm hosting the grand finale. Wild shit.

I'll have a list so if you want on email me ASAP and make sure the subject line is RATED-X List

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