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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Virgin Fest This Year

Last year I got some free passes to Virgin Fest so I took the bus down to Baltimore and checked it out. Despite my general disdain for festivals I have to say that Virgin was pretty fun. Great bands, excellent and varied food choices, big beers, and the best part was it was relatively cheap - aside from the ticket. Well this year that all changes because they're letting everyone in for free. You still need to grab a no fee ticket from TicketMaster on July 26th, 10AM.

The ticketing page is pretty confusing and I'm not sure why anyone would spend $30 on a free ticket and a shitty Virgin Fest t-shirt, but it's an option. My guess is they dedicated a bunch of tickets to each tier so when the free tickets run out you'll be forced to buy a dumb t-shirt package to get in. Still though, $30 ain't too bad for a festival.

On that note, the bands playing are not nearly as good as last time (NIN, STP, Kanye, Stooges). The free show features Blink-182, Weezer, Franz Ferdinand, Public Enemy, Jet, The Bravery, etc. Lots of bands people used to give a shit about but not so much these days. But I guess we can't complain about free, huh? There are noticeably less bands listed this year so I'm guessing they nixed the second stage, unless they're still adding to the bill.

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