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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bowie Ball Recap

On Sunday night me and the missis headed over to Don Hill's for the Bowie Ball. It was a special Bowie Ball in honor of David Bowie's 60th birthday. We got there kinda late and the place was packed when we walked in. Of course we grabbed some drinks, said hello to Michael T., and found a comfortable nook to hang out.

After a short while (around 2AM) the place seemed to clear out for some reason. The back doors alarm was going off with a bright pulsing light and an ear piercing screeching noise but it was hardly enough to cause an exodus. Then I realized that perhaps people didn't leave, they just pushed up front and crammed the stage. You see the first of a few bands were about to go on.

I was unaware that there would be live bands so I was excited. Not surprisingly the bands did their best Bowie covers. One band, whose members wore black masks (or maybe makeup), were exceptionally good. Another band was even joined by one of Bowie's former drummer. All the bands were impressive and had everyone dancing and singing along. At one point Michael T. (who was DJing) was coerced by the MC to join the band on stage for a song.

I wasn't sure what to expect at a party like this, sometimes they can be too over the top. But Sunday night was lots of fun. All the people who backed out at the last minute really missed a great party.






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