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Monday, January 29, 2007

Led Zepplin Reuniting

According to the Sun the remaining members of Led Zepplin are considering yet another reunion. The reunion will be for a tour, not a recording session. Bonham's son will be filling in for pops on the druns.

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Species said... an Englishman (living in Denmark), I'm reminded of the old proverb: 'Lies, damn lies and Sun exclusives'.

Let's see: "re-group after 22 years". If, as they say, Zep split in 1980, SOMEONE'S maths ain't what it should be.

“If the right offer comes up they will do it.” The 'band insider' could say that at ANY time. 'IF' And if they split in 1980, it would surely be difficult to be an 'insider' for a band that split 25 years ago?

"second only to the Beatles in worldwide album sales." Anyone heard of Elvis at The Sun? Or are they meaning bands, as in more than one person? I'd say The Stones and The Floyd (at least) have shifted more than Zeppelin.

“They had so many hits". Well, in terms of singles, they've not had any. They never released one in the UK (at least). 'Stairway' is probably the most played radio song ever, but not what you'd in anyway define as a 'hit'. Albums still sell, but again not what you'd term a 'hit'.

And 6.4 million wouldn't cover the catering.

Having said that...I'm clearing my Summer schedule.

Looking at Planty's face there, it reminds me; I must get our old leather sofa re-stuffed.

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