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Friday, January 19, 2007

Super Deluxe: Online Comic Channel

On Wednesday I was invited over to the Cornerstone offices for Super Deluxe w/ Eugene Mirman. I had no idea what the event was going to be but I went anyway since Cornerstone always has tons of free shit (which is nice). So we got there around 7:15 or so and grabbed some Red Stripe and Dallas BBQ and waited to see what the fuck this shit was about.

Then the screen came down and we were told that we were about to see a screening from Super Deluxe - the new online comedy channel which features some killer comedians. They played used five comedy shorts two of which were incredibly funny, one was by Eugene Mirman and the other by the "Washington" dude. Anyway, those tow alone are funny enough to warrant checking out the website.

Super Deluxe

Professor Brothers

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