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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pete Wentz Is A Tough Guy

On January 7th in New Mexico Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy (and penis self portrait) fame got in a bit of a brawl with security at a show. After one of the security dudes grabbed his pal Pete dropped the mic and dove on top of them. You could see him throw one punch but that's about it. Then all the security guys jump in and you can see somebody in a choke hold. Anyway, after the whole thing little Petey gets on stage and says "That's what you get when you fuck with my friends - fucking asshole". Umm...dude, you didn't do anything.

Oh did I mention there's a video and first hand description? Well there is...

I Got My Ass Kicked By Someone In Fall Out Boy...

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"January 7th 2007, Fall Out Boy brought the Friends Or Enimies tour into the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, NM along with New Found Glory, The Early November, and Permanent Me. At the end of their set during 'Saturday', they started letting people onstage. Security didn't want anymore ppl on stage. A roadie (and comrade) of FOB's was still letting ppl on. That must have pissed off a certain securty guard enough to attack the roadie and bring him offstage and grapple with him. Pete took offense and dropped the mic, jumped offstage and started beating the shit outta that security guard. After the pummel, Pete got back onsatge, grabbed the mic and stated, "That's what you get when you fuck with my friends...fuckin' asshole!" then the band left...but what's even better is...I'VE GOT IT ALL ON VIDEO."
Dude, has to control his EMOtions...hahahaha...sorry.

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