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Monday, January 22, 2007

Zack De La Rocha

So I've been thinking about this rumored Rage Against The Machine reunion at Coachella and I started trying to see if I could find out what the fuck Zach has been up to. Well, I couldn't find out shit. I couldn't find out about his solo record or anything else he's been up to.

Kinda reminds me of another frontman that vanished for a few years after promising an album...Axl Rose. Maybe RATM will be playing Coachella but I wouldn't be surprised if Buckethead and some random NIN dude is in the band now.

Anyway I dug up a couple of cool non-Rage videos with Zach, including Inside Out performing the song "Rage Against The Machine".

Zach, KRS-One, & The Last Emporer - "CIA"

Inside Out - "Rage Against The Machine" (Live)

Zach interviews Noam Chomsky, part 1

Zach interviews Noam Chomsky, part 2


Anonymous said...

It's Noam dude, not Norm

... said...

Whoops...2AM posting error. Thanks.

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