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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The T Turns 40 Recap

On Thursday I headed over to Sol for the party everyone was talking about - Michael T's 40th birthday bash. As you probably know Michael T. is a legend in the downtown scene. He's involved in many of the hot parties including his own, Rated-X and Motherfucker. Tonight all the cool kids showed up to pay tribute to Mother.

When we got there Michael T. was on stage performing with the band. The crowd was small but well known. All the familiar faces were there Bronques, DJ Jess, Brendan James, Justine D., Theo, Naked Girl, and many more. While I didn't know the names of everyone there I recognized all of the faces.

After a few songs Theo, from Theo & The Skyscrapers, took the mic and did a song or two with the band. DJ Jess followed suit and also did a couple of songs. The band was very good and the singers of the night all did an excellent job. The party was fun but the $7 beers kept me semi-sober, which isn't my style. Here are some pics from the night...

Michael T.



Jess on the mic
Bronques doing his thing



Gay Hank Cool (the guying in the Ski pic up top) & his girlfriend Carie

LNP (Cooler Than Thou, Part 1)
LNP (Cooler Than Thou, Part 2)

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Anonymous said...

I was there, and I have little doubt there was no better party in NYC that night.

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