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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rififi Busted

Last night I was on my way to Rififi when I made a phone call and found out it got shut down by the 5-0. If you remember this shit used to happen on a regular basis but it's been quiet for the better part of the last year. What is it about this time of year that all these places start getting busted? Are the piggies really that fucking bored that they have to raid places like Rififi? I know that there are shadier places then Rififi they could be fucking with.

Anyway, from what I heard they had a bunch of undercover cops inside the place. Then two big cop vans pulled up in front of the building and went in to throw people out. Then the mounted police showed up for crowd control. Apparently some dude called the cops "pigs" and then they proceeded to beat the shit out of him and his girlfriend. Seriously, is all of this necessary? Fucking mounted police - that's insane. Beating up Rififi kids, how fucking hard would that be? Most of the dudes in there are build like 12-year old girls. You would think the cops would at least want a challenge. If shutting down little dance parties like Trash is a priority then this city is fucked.


Anonymous said...

yeah. i was there. the cops so intimidatingly forced everyone out. which is whatever. but the part that sucked is that they told us all to "go home." i am pretty sure i have the right to go wherever i want when i am in manhattan. i don't need to "go home". so. essentially. they wanted us to disperse i guess... but they couldn't just say that. they were super bitchy and making their horses scurry sideways and almost run over people to drive this point home. i found my friends eventually and left cause i feared they'd start tasering people or something. anyway. NYC cops do not know how to nicely ask for things. all they know is how to to is power trip. stupid gang mentality.

Traveling Matt said...

I was there too. One of the horses tried to lick my head while another one chased my friend. I never figured out why it got busted.

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