Buzzed Bands Podcast, Ep. 2 w/ Cold Blood Club

Friday, January 26, 2007

Joel Madden VS. Shifty Shellshock

HAHAHA!!!! One of the Madden brothers got his ass handed to him by the singer for fucking Crazy Town. Oh man, there goes any street cred Joel Madden thought he had. If I got my ass whipped by the dude from Crazy Town I would fucking kill myself.


Anonymous said...

After producing such a bad album "dark horse", I think they are really getting crazy.
I still love to listen their first album, which is great. It is my little secret during mine jogging session.

Anonymous said...

shove it up ur ass shifty from cxt would (and DID) kick the shit out of joel........... as for the lame ass comment about darkhorse if u knew crazytown u would realize what the album was about and not just be a follower of a popular song asshole

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