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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Idiotarod 2007

Last year I heard about this thing the day after it happened and I was bummed I didn't check it out. So this year when I heard the starting point was only a few minutes away from my apartment I made sure I attended. The original start point was supposed to McCarren but the cops caught wind of that pretty early so they moved the location to the very end of Franklin Street.

After finding this out I walked down that way and saw random groups of idiots with shopping carts as I walked. When I got closer to the park at the end of Franklin I came to a cluster of crews and realized they still weren't sure where the starting line was. At this point I wasn't 100% sure either so I hung around until they made a move towards the park.

When I got there the cops were already waiting. They weren't stopping any of the teams from gathering but they were making there presence felt. When I entered the park I heard music and realized that an old fashioned jug band was playing for the ever growing crowd. It was really turning into quite a scene but the cops remained cool.

The park quickly filled to capacity and teams and spectators poured out into the street. At this point there several hundred people so the cops made their move and cleared the streets - which was no easy task. Everyone complied but there was certainly some tension - plus the police helicopter circling didn't help and seemed a bit unnecessary.

After a couple of hours of hanging out at the park and registering teams the opening whistle blew (firecrackers actually) and everyone took of in various different directions. Most of the teams ended up further down Franklin at the bar on the corner. The intersection there completely filled with teams and the battle began. Flour, water balloons, ketchup, and other assorted weaponry were used. The cops stepped in and cleared the intersection, which was completely covered in flour and mystery fluids.

After that I decided it was time to head back home. The teams were gearing and getting ready for the trek to Queens, so the fun in Greenpoint was over. I heard that the race ended without any major criminal incidents - maybe next year.


Team Back To The Future

Team Disaster Vagina

The Cobra Train

Team It's Fucking Freezing Out


More Photos On BSC Flickr

The Start

The Jug Band

Idiotarod Ref gets a quick lap dance

The Crowd was BIG


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