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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rage Against The Machine Playing Coachella?

Rumors are flying that the angriest band from the 90's may resurface at this years Coachella Festival. While I would love to see Rage again I have a feeling this might remain nothing more then a rumor. Frontman Zach De La Rocha has been MIA for the better part of the last 6 years and Audioslave is busy wowing middle America.

For the record when Rage did break up I was happy to see it. All that "Renegades of Funk" shit was horrible and I wasn't excited about this band aging. So if they just come back and play some shows then I'm all for it but if they're planning on recording then forget about it. Althought it can't be any worse then Audioslave - thanks for setting the bar low guys.


Battering Room said...


"You can't post pre-sale, cops, police, rage or machine on the Coachella boards"

Looks like it IS happening.

Anonymous said...

You CAN post "rage." You CAN'T post "ghost" -- as in Ghost in the Machine, the 4th Police album.

ninjunkie951 said...

I can confirm that they are playing night number 3 at the Coachella Festival

Anonymous said...

Do you even know about the concept behind the Renegades album? The songs you called "shit" were actually covers of songs from the artists that influenced them throughout their career. I bet you are one of those people who started liking RATM when you heard Testify on the radio. If not, I apologize. Go and see them on August 18th in San Fransico

... said...

Are you fucking kidding me? I've been listening to Rage since their first album. "Testify" kinda sucks and is a great example of their decline towards the end. In fact I STOPPED listening to Rage at that point. And dude, I'm aware they are playing covers, those are some of the most famous songs ever. Are you serious with this comment? Or are you just fucking with me? I think you might be I right?

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