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Friday, November 03, 2006

Apes And Androids Thriller 10/30

Monday night I went to the first of three Apes And Androids show this week. This one was without question the best. Since I talk about A&A all the damn time I'll skip the majority of the show. They were fucking awesome as always and that's that.

What I want to tell you about is the last song of the night. Before they played it they told everyone they would need a minute to get ready for it. Oh, by the way - prior to the show 3-D glasses were dispersed amongst the crowd, which you'll need to know. After they said they would need a minute everyone was instructed to back away from the stage. The front 6 feet was then roped off and a screen came down from the ceiling.

Everyone there reached into there pockets and got their glasses ready. Then the screen lit up and what was on it? Michael Jackson's 3-D! Everyone started cheering and put on their glasses. The beginning of the movie played and then when the music kicked in so did Apes And Androids. Then the screen lifted up and the band played an killer version of "Thriller" along while the movie still rolled on another screen behind them.

The question on everyone's mind at this point was "what's up with the space in the front?" About halfway through the song that very question was answered when zombie girls started pushing their way through the crowd. They got to the front and crawled on to the stage. Their make-up and costumes were fucking amazing. Then they started doing the Thriller dance on stage in front of the band. At this point everyone was going nuts, just when you think A&A have run out of shit to do they pull something like this out.

Apes And Androids are fucking awesome and this night proved that yet again. Like I said I saw them three times this week. I've never seen a band three times in one week unless you count my brother's - which I managed. GO SEE APES AND ANDROIDS!

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Steam Clam's Screen Slam said... then video then "apes and androids halloween odyssey" to see a ten minute encapsulation of the entire event. also hit up youtube vimeo and all that isht.


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