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Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Weekend (Kubrick Party)

So CMJ has thrown off my whole posting schedule and I'm pretty far behind. On Saturday I went to a couple of Halloween parties in Brooklyn. The first one was the Vice party, which turned out to be pretty fucking boring. We were all under the impression that upon paying $5 there was some free booze inside. But there was no free booze, in fact it was $3/cup for beer pumped out of a keg. We left after one beer.

I had heard about another party which I RSVP'd for. I had no idea who was throwing it only that it was in Brooklyn so it made for a back up plan if Vice sucked. After leaving the Vice party we headed towards South Williamsburg where this thing was going down.

When we finally got to the corner near the party a weird little dude in a Mexican wrestling mask asked us if we were looking for the party. We told him that we were indeed looking for it and he said in a creepy voice "follow me." We were lead to a staircase where a guy checked our ID and instructed us to head down the stairs.

Before we did so asked about cover and drinks. We were told that cover was $5 and beer was $2.50 a pop. We agreed to check it out and headed down the stairs to the party. At the bottom of the stairs we paid our cover and were handed one drink ticket each. Upon walking around a bit it became clear that this was not an ordinary party - something was off.

For one there was no music playing, just a drag queen on a microphone ranting about something. The people were all kinda odd too and were acting like they were on opium or some exotic drug like that. Despite this we all traded in our drink tickets and got our complimentary drink.

After I grabbed my beer I went in search off the bathroom. I found the bathroom on the other side of the space and I also found a midget chick in a mesh shirt making out with a guy that was about 6'4" and in a thong. It was a very odd site and seemed to sum up the vibe of the party perfectly. Then over on a little mini stage was a fire dancing chick. It was all very Stanley Kubrick, like Eyes Wide Shut meets Clockwork Orange.

While I was in line I saw a staircase in the corner which let up to a drink ticket booth. They were selling tickets for $5 a pop. So the guy at the door lied to us and said beer was $2.50 when in fact it was $5 - Bastard! The not-so-cheap beer and the creepy vibe made the decision to leave unanimous. From their we headed to Union Pool where nothing unusual happened at all but it was fun.

Kubrick Party





Union Pool



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