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Thursday, November 09, 2006

CMJ - Friday (Dysrhythmia, Clinton, Stroke)

Friday night CMJ was a huge let down. I had a whole night planned out and damn near none of it materialized. My night started out just as I had planned with Dysrhythmia at Ace Of Clubs. I've been wanting to see these guys for years now. Somebody on public access used to play shitty videos of these guys playing live and I was always shocked by how awesome the bass player was.

Needless to say I was pretty excited to finally see these guys live. I screwed up and got to the club late and missed a few songs. The room was already packed when I entered and I had to push to get through the crowd. When I got up front I was instantly in awe of the skills the bass player has. He somehow manages to sound like Cliff Burton and Les Claypool at the same time. Dysrhythmia plays a mix of stoner and doom metal but it's all instrumental - and fucking awesome!

After the set I hauled ass downtown to Crash Mansion for George Clinton. I've seen George before (with Digital Underground no less) so I was prepared to leave if the line was out of control. Well guess what - it was! The damn lined the block. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it looked since Crash is notorious for holding people at the door just so there's always a line outside - they want their shitty club to look cool. But I wasn't going to wait to get rejected so I made my way to Mercury Lounge.

I was headed to the Merc to see Albert Hammond of The Strokes. I was expecting a big line but there were only two people waiting to get in. I got in line and waited my turn but after about 10 minutes the door guy told us we might as well leave because no one else gets in until after 1AM. One guy stayed in line but the rest of us left. I stood outside with my pocket guide trying to figure out where to go next. As I was standing there Julian Casablanca tried to get in. The door guy had no fucking idea who he was and kinda gave him a hard time. Apparently Jules wasn't on the list so he had to wait outside until someone from inside saw him, which did happen after about 5 minutes. The door guy still ID'd him which was funny.

After that I headed to the Cake Shop - I can't remember why but that's where I went. Again I was rejected at the door. Oh glorious CMJ pass, if I knew you were worthless I would have just got on the fucking list. So that was Friday night - 1 for 4, pretty fucking sad. I have experienced rejection like that since middle school.

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I did not pay and I feel sorry for the people that did, they got screwed.

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