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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ol' Dirty Bastard's Birthday Party

Ever since the first time I heard "Shame On A Nigga" ODB was my favorite member of Wu-Tang. Last night I had a chance to go to his birthday party at Canal Room. You know you were awesome when they still throw birthday parties for you after you die.

The rumor of the night was that Wu-Tang was going to perform. Actually it was more then a rumor, it was printed on the flyers. Plus I was told by an employee of Canal Room that it was confirmed, so I went. Hell, for ODB I would have went even if Wu-Tang wasn't performing.

I got to Canal Room around 11PM and headed towards the bar. Normally these parties at Canal Room have free booze so I asked the bartender what was free for the open bar and he told me nothing. Damn it! I was not looking forward to buying drinks at a venue because it's not very cheap usually. So I ordered a Red Stripe (for Tom) and a can of Rheingold for myself - $13 for both!!! Fuck! It's in a fucking can for God's sake.

So as I slowly sipped my beer we hung out and waited for Wu-Tang. Then a bunch of dudes went on stage and started rapping. One of the guys said he used to work with ODB in a warehouse in Florida, so it was clear they were letting anybody up there. After that it was even more people I didn't recognize. Then they brought up Papa Wu and the whole place sung "Happy Birthday" to ODB.

It was starting to get late and there was no sign of Wu-Tang. I was a huge fan of Wu back in the day so I know what these mother fuckers look like and I didn't see a single one of them. So around 1:15 or so I gave up and headed home very disappointed and very worried they might go on after I left. This morning I found out I made the right move since Wu-Tang never took the stage last night. What a shame...ODB, happy birthday.






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